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Y2K Information

ORION Microsystems software currently supports any date value set by the operating system. All date information, such as creation dates, modification dates, and time/date stamps, is generated using the date value provided by Windows operating system. No critical task in any of our software, is Date or Time dependent. The current versions of ORION Microsystems software (see below) and all subsequent releases of these products, should be unaffected by the change to the year 2000 and will accurately represent date information within the constraints of the operating systems.

Furthermore, ORION Microsystems cannot provide any warranties specific to year 2000 readiness, because this matter depends on several factors, including software from other vendors, most particularly the operating system. Because ORION Microsystems software currently supports the date value set by the operating system, users should confirm that their operating systems are, or will be, year 2000 compliant. The limited warranty for ORION Microsystems products is defined in the end-user license agreement for each ORION Microsystems product. The information provided herein does not constitute an extension of any such warranty.

This information is being provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. All other limitations on liability contained in the applicable software product end user license agreement shall apply.

Y2K by product


NEC4WIN does not use Date or Time at all. Files are created and read using operating systems calls. NEC4WIN full version does not care about year or time.


NEC4WIN95 and NEC4WIN95VM do not rely on the date or time to perform any critical task. NEC4WIN95 and NEC4WIN95VM are over 27000 lines of Visual Basic 5 source code. We reviewed the code and confirm that it contains only three lines using the date and time. The first one is used to generate part of the default filename when you click on "New Project". The two others are used in a difference of time to display on the Status Bar how long impedance calculation took. These two applications of Date and Time are totally non critical and will not be disturbed by passage to Y2K.

Date or Time are in no way checked, compared or used elsewhere in the programs. NEC4WIN95 and NEC4WIN95VM are Y2K indifferent.


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